Selected Work

Politics and International Affairs

Ending the Logic of Violence in Massacres – (Re)imagining Peace + Justice, April 2021

The Fragile Hope for Democratic Transition in Sudan and Algeria – (Re)imagining Peace + Justice, May 2019

Under the Wire Review: The Perils of Reporting on Conflict – (Re)imagining Peace + Justice, March 2019

Is There Still Hope for Reconciliation in Northern Ireland? – (Re)imagining Peace + Justice, January 2019

Serbia’s Deadly Mix: Football, Politics, and Crime – Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, January 2017

Peace Bloc: Advocating for Academics in TurkeyThe Solutions Journal, September 2016

Science and Conservation 

Diversity in Science Series– Ricochet Science and McGraw Hill Education, Jan – May 2021

Global Warming and the Rise of the ‘Climate Refugee’ – Ricochet Science, March 2020

What the Maya Forest Corridor Means for Belize’s Jaguars – and Ourselves – Inspire EdVentures, July 2019

Once Persecuted, Alligator Gar Drive Fight Against Invasive Asian Carp – The Solutions Journal, January 2017

Global Fishing Watch: A Public Check on Overfishing – The Solutions Journal, January 2017

Travel and Culture 

On the Edge of Syria – The Global Journal, Spring 2017

Returning to Sarajevo – The Global Journal, Fall 2016

Thoughts and Travels – Personal Blog: 2015 – 2018, 2021 – Present