Selected Work

Can Sinn Fein Move Beyond the IRA? 

(Re)imagining Peace + Justice

February 2020

“For Sinn Fein, while “The Armalite and the Ballot Box” strategy may have permitted electoral success, the strong memory of the Armalite – a weapon used for decades as the IRA’s preferred tool for assassinations – has for now closed the door to achieving political power. The terrorist label persists, years after the men and women who committed acts of terror have been replaced by a generation that hardly remembers the conflict.”

The Fragile Hope for Democratic Transition in Sudan and Algeria

(Re)imagining Peace + Justice

May 2019

“No matter their outcome, the April revolutions reveal that the desire for rights, dignity, and freedom is still very much alive across the Middle East and North Africa—and always has been. Sudan and Algeria show that even under the most long-standing and repressive regimes, change is in fact possible, through the actions of the Sudanese and Algerian people themselves who dare to struggle for a better future.”

Serbia’s Deadly Mix: Football, Politics, and Crime 

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

January 2018

“The murder of Stankovic, popularly known as “Sale the Mute,” was just the latest in a string of killings of leading Serbian football hooligans. In a country where sports fandom often meets organized crime, about a dozen prominent figures from the country’s soccer supporters’ groups have been murdered recent years. Most have perished in gangland-style killings apparently tied to crime.”

On the Edge of Syria 

The Global Journal

Vol 2, Issue 1

“And yet, despite everything, the war still wages. Despite the enormity of the humanitarian catastrophe staring us in the face, we, as an international community, have continue to allow this to happen. We, as an international community, have not yet solved this conflict. We have not yet allowed those displaced from it to return to what remains of their homes. Instead we face a continuation of the seemingly endless years of violence that will forever scar a generation of survivors, with no real end in sight.”