About Me

I hold an MSc. in Politics of Conflict, Rights, and Justice at SOAS University of London and a BA in International Affairs and Middle East Studies at Northeastern University. As a writer, my passion is in the intersection of journalism with politics, international relations, and human rights. 

At 19, my first experience outside of the United States was as a student in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the summer of 2015. There, I witnessed the county’s struggles to emerge from its nearly four-year civil war, and experience for the first time the power of terms such as genocide, ethnic cleansing, and massacres. That moment served as a turning point for me: in the years following, I have targeted my studies and experiences to better understand violence, conflict, and reconciliation — how individuals are driven to violence, the effects of conflict on society and, finally, the paths towards reconciliation and justice after violence takes place.

Through this, I have continued to develop myself as a writer and journalist: hosting a four-year academic blog (Thoughts and Travels); serving as Editor-in-Chief for The Global Journal, Northeastern’s first International Affairs publication; working alongside investigative journalists in Bosnia and Serbia (The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) and conflict reconciliation practitioners in Northern Ireland (The Corrymeela Centre). Most recently, I ran the postgraduate blog (Re)imagining Peace + Justice, a platform affiliated with SOAS University of London that tackles complex debates in human rights, post-conflict transition, and political violence. 

Now based in Washington, D.C, I work as a freelance writer and journalist covering similar developments in the United States. Included on this site is a collection of my previous work, as well as a short professional blog that I update monthly. If interested in my writing, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page, or through one of my professional social media accounts.